Mysterious object could be visitor from another solar system

A tiny object whizzing by means of our photo voltaic system has left area specialists baffled.

Not solely does NASA not know what the mysterious object is, additionally they do not know the place it got here from, based on a information launch. As a result of it’s not behaving like a typical area rock native to our system, scientists are weighing the likelihood that it might have come from someplace past.

The item is lower than 1 / 4-mile in diameter and is shifting at a “remarkably quick” — about 15 miles per second — tempo. It handed underneath the Earth’s orbit earlier this month at a distance of about 15 million miles.

Whether it is actually from outdoors our photo voltaic system, “it might be the primary interstellar object to be noticed and confirmed by astronomers,” in line with NASA.

Paul Chodas, a supervisor at NASA’s Middle for Close to-Earth Object research stated this phenomenon has been a very long time coming.

“We’ve been ready for today for many years,” he stated. “It’s lengthy been theorized that such objects exist — asteroids or comets shifting round between the celebs and infrequently passing by means of our photo voltaic system — however that is the primary such detection.

“Up to now, all the things signifies that is probably an interstellar object, however extra knowledge would assist affirm.”

Specialists are directing telescopes each on the bottom and in area towards the item in an effort uncover any further particulars.

The thing, briefly dubbed A/2017 U1, isn’t a menace and seems to be headed towards the Pegasus constellation and out of the photo voltaic system.

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