Leave Columbus’ statue alone — you can’t rewrite history

I’m collaborating within the Columbus Day parade and I’m proud to being achieve this.

So don’t you even start to inform me I must be ashamed of my Italian heritage and by extension of Christopher Columbus.

Actually, I’m very proud to be becoming a member of a contingent of Italian-American authors on the Barnes & Noble float on Monday on the invitation of Len Riggio, Grand Marshall of the parade and government chairman of the guide chain.

I couldn’t be prouder of my Italian heritage and no group of wacky PC protesters goes to make me really feel in any other case.

Yonkers cops arrest man suspected of toppling Columbus statue

And no PC protester is, for positive, ever going to make me consider that it’s OK to sentence the parade, destroy, deface or deny artwork by flattening or hiding the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle — or certainly the statues of any historic determine anyplace.

Destroying statues doesn’t change historical past. What it does do is make our conduct no higher than the e-book-burning, artwork-censoring, tradition-destorying pigs of the previous and radical spiritual teams of the current.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee is removed from Lee Circle in New Orleans.

Accomplice Basic Robert E. Lee is faraway from Lee Circle in New Orleans.

(Scott Threlkeld/AP)

Who’re we — ISIS? Do we actually condone the destruction of artwork and tradition to be able to clear up historical past to go well with our present mindset?

Keep in mind that between 2014-2015 ISIS troops destroyed hundreds of years of artwork and tradition of their conflict on “idolatry.”

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It’s estimated that they destroyed or stole one hundred,000 cultural objects as they rampaged throughout the Center East in a scorched earth artwork sweep.

They burned down the library in Mosul taking with it an estimated one hundred,000 books and manuscripts. It has been referred to as the best destruction of tradition because the burning of the Library at Alexandria in forty eight B.C.

Their modern-day uneducated countrparts consider too, that by doing so, they might wipe out historical past and by extension, wipe out false idols and historic heroes.

Can we nonetheless consider almost three,000 years later that if we take away the pictures, the phrases, the historical past of way back heroes and gods, that the reality will go away with them as nicely?

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The Taliban ordered a Buddha statue destroyed in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, in 2001.

The Taliban ordered…

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