Gas station attendant sprays smoking customer with extinguisher

Smoking at a fuel station isn’t a good suggestion.

A person in Sofia, Bulgaria tried to have a cigarette whereas filling up his automotive at a fuel station and an worker was pressured to extinguish his nicotine repair.

Within the video, the person is proven arguing with somebody off digital camera close to his automotive as he smokes. The fuel station attendant is then proven strolling over to the pump, grabs a fireplace extinguisher and goals it in the direction of the person.

The fuel station attendant then covers the person and his automotive with foam since he refused to place the cigarette out.

A person was coated with hearth extinguisher foam after he refused to place out a cigarette whereas at a fuel station.

(Pan Jutubowski/Youtube)

If the person wasn’t irritated sufficient that he was coated in foam, his automotive door additionally occurred to be open on the time of the blast. Passengers have been proven leaping out of the automotive after the froth had made its method in.

Thankfully for everybody concerned, nothing horrible occurred in contrast to what performed out in “Zoolander.”

Within the film, a gasoline struggle shortly escalated into an enormous explosion.

A lot for simply a few guys simply making an attempt to take pleasure in Orange Mocha Frappuccinos.


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