Do you feel fear or apprehension about Friday the 13th? (poll)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – It simply so occurs to be Friday the thirteenth AND through the spookiest month of all – October. Does this make the day additional creepy or nonetheless higher than any Monday?

That is the second Friday the thirteenth of 2017, with the primary occurring in January. The day is taken into account to be the unluckiest day of the yr and has been for probably centuries.

Many individuals brush off the day as superstitious nonsense, like these courageous souls who boarded the final-ever Flight 666 to HEL in the present day (exhausting move, proper?), based on the Telegraph.

However do you know that the worry of this at some point is taken into account to be probably the most extensively held superstition within the English-talking world? In response to The Guardian, it is so widespread there are even phrases created to explain the worry of Friday the thirteenth: paraskevidekatriaphobia; and friggatriskaidekaphobia.

In case you are a type of individuals who really feel just a little uneasy on this supposedly tremendous unfortunate day, listed here are some recommendations on the best way to be fortunate.

Hey, a minimum of TGIF.

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